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So, has your soul opened?

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The Soul's Openner Front Cover

The Soul's Openner Back Cover

Did You Know:

Your own greatness will unveil, when you let your Soul to shines.

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The Soul’s Openner - Part II of The Contemplation Series

Ponder This:

“If you believe your destination,

you become your goal.”

Torry Fountinhead 2004

Where is The Soul:

"The tale about the soul is a tale about the invisible; revealing that which cannot be touched and thus, told through numerous tales, all of which are attestation to the glimpses of it, not always seen with our naked eyes. A tale may lead to another, or stand on its own. It is like meeting your beloved briefly, only to let go and want to be together once more."

Other Coming Soon Books of The Contemplation Series:

Torry Fountinhead has number of books at work, please check with us again for news of upcoming publications.

The Contemplations Series is a philosophical and spiritual literary works, one of the series Torry Fountinhead is writing. Torry Fountinhead also writes children's books.